Improved cell media quality control and optimization with at-line analytics from the REBEL

Time: 1:00 pm
day: Day One


  • There is a need for advanced process analytical technologies to monitor lot-to-lot media quality and essential bioreactor nutrients and cellular metabolites alongside bioreactors.
    – Discussed here is a benchtop analyzer called the REBEL. The REBEL enables wide (32 analytes) and rapid (<10 mins) analysis of cell media with just ten microliters of sample to expedite cell media conformity and process development decisions.
  • In addition, the REBEL can run samples with only filtration and dilution, which is much simpler than the lengthy and costly derivatization schemes and analysis times required of comparable approaches.
  • The potential benefits of putting the REBEL at the point-of-need include reduced reliance on the “centralized laboratory” model, decreased capital and facility costs, more rapid (near real-time) analytics feedback, and improved product quality and titer.
  • This presentation will highlight the platform’s general capabilities and several applications of fresh and spent media analysis.