Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday | August 10, 2021

Workshop A
Investment & Partnerships – Beyond Early Stage Funding

Workshop B
Cell-Based Seafood - Opportunities & Challenges Funding

Workshop C
Conducting Life Cycle Assessment of Cell-Based Meat

Workshop A:
Investment & Partnerships – Beyond Early Stage Funding

10am - 12pm EDT | 4pm - 6pm CEST

Funding for cultivated meat companies was up by 266% in 2020, with investment in the space hitting a record high. This deep-dive workshop will provide an extensive overview of opportunities in the investment and partnerships, while leaving you with actionable insights to help you effectively finance your cell-based meat or seafood company based on your level of maturation.

Key Topics Include:

  • Investment and financing strategies – dilutive vs non-dilutive strategies
  • Evolution of financing strategies as companies mature and scale to maintain equity
  • Company valuations
  • Exit opportunities - acquisitions vs IPO
  • Strategic partnership models

Rosie Wardle
Co-Founder & Partner
Synthesis Capital


Sharyn Murray
Senior Investor Engagement Specialist
The Good Food Institute

Workshop B:
Cell-Based Seafood - Opportunities & Challenges

12:30pm - 2:30pm EDT | 6:30pm - 8:30pm CEST

Significant challenges remain in the development and commercialization of cell-based seafood. This deep-dive workshop will provide an extensive overview of cutting edge seafood-specific research, while giving you actionable insights to help you effectively commercialize your cell-based seafood products.

Key Topics Include:

  • An overview of the global seafood market
  • Cell line development
  • Structural characterization and a deep understanding of the underlining molecule and muscle structure of seafood
  • Scaffolding procedure
  • Media optimization
  • Opportunities and challenges in bio-printing based processes
  • Outlining the path from a commercially successful product to actual impact on ocean

Jen Lamy
Sr. Sustainable Seafood Initiative Manager
The Good Food Institute

david kaplan

David Kaplan
Stern Family Professor - Biomedical Engineering
Tufts University

Workshop C:
Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment of Cell-Based Meat

3pm – 5pm EDT | 9pm - 11pm CEST

To completely account for the impact that your system and your company could more broadly have on the environment, it’s important to conduct a thorough life cycle assessment. This should account for the environmental costs of all the inputs, as well as the risks that the outputs of your system could create or present to the environment. This deep-dive workshop will provide you with the thorough theory behind the life cycle assessment process, in conjunction with a practical example to fully immerse yourself in the technical detail.


Isaac Emery
Founder & Principal
Informed Sustainability Consulting

Hermes Sanctorum

Hermes Sanctorum
Cultivated Meat Consultant


Pelle Sinke
LCA Specialist
CE Delft Environmental Consultancy