Please note, all agenda timings are Pacific Daylight Time

8:30 am Preconference Virtual Networking


Grab a quick cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into your opportunity to connect with new contacts from active companies in the field and exchange digital business cards. Network and form lasting connections through this exclusive virtual

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


9:20 am Keynote Presentation: Encouraging the Cultural Shift to Cell-Based Meat

  • Blake Byrne Business Innovation Specialist, The Good Food Institute


  • Outline what can be done to encourage public acceptance of cell-based meat
  • Discuss where the layperson’s major hang-ups around cell-based meat lie

9:40 am Quantifying the Real-World Impact of Cell-Based Meats


  • Identify the unexplored areas in which cell-based meats could impact the environment
  • Discuss what companies should be aware of when outlining their scale up and commercialization strategies

10:00 am Why Cultured Meat Should Matter for the Animal Rights Movement


  • Analysis on why GAIA focuses on cultured meat
  • Actions undertaken and planned as facilitator
  • About false friends and true enemies
  • The development of a broad strategy

10:20 am Live Presenter Q&A

10:40 am Virtual Networking Break

Developing cell-based fish

11:20 am A better, faster approach to developing cell-based fish: It starts with zebrafish

  • David Mack Senior Investigator, Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine & Senior Investigator, The University of Washington & Clean Research
  • Alain Rostain Executive Director, Clean Research


  • Why it’s urgent, from a sustainability perspective, to develop cell-based fish meat
  • Why lean fish meat will likely be the easiest cell-based, 1-for-1 replacement fish meat to develop
  • Why the lean fish species of zebrafish is easily the best fish choice for research and development
  • How a more open approach, collaborative approach focused on zebrafish could accelerate and support the entire field of cell-based meat


11:40 am A Consumer Perspective on the Roadmap to Marketing and Acceptance of Cell-Based Meats

  • Gregory Jaffe Biotechnology Project Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest


  • What consumers want from regulators and companies to ensure safety and achieve necessary transparency
  • The need for truthful claims and better data and explanations around sustainability and other benefits

12:00 pm Live Presenter Q&A

  • Gregory Jaffe Biotechnology Project Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest
  • David Mack Senior Investigator, Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine & Senior Investigator, The University of Washington & Clean Research
  • Alain Rostain Executive Director, Clean Research

12:20 pm Panel Discussion: Working Together to Minimize the Environmental Impact of Cell-based Meat on the Environment

  • Isaac Emery Principal Consutant & Founder, Informed Sustainability Consulting
  • Fengru Lin Co Founder, Turtle Tree Labs


  • Discuss what we can deduce about potential negative results cell-based meat might have on the environment
  • Consider scenarios that could result in Cell-Based meats getting a bad rap and discuss how the industry can be prepared for these issues in order to form a united front against resultant misinformation and reputation damage

12:40 pm Virtual Networking Break

1:00 pm Meeting the Food Regulations from Technical Point of View

  • Yuki Hanyu Chief Executive Officer, Integriculture


• Regulatory landscape of cell-based meat
• How IntegriCulture Inc. adapts to local food regulations
• Communicating with the public on food regulations and cellular agriculture
Yuki Hanyu, Chief Executive Officer, Integriculture

1:20 pm Updates on the Joint Regulation of Cell-Based Meats in the US


  • Since the announcement from the FDA & USDA on March 7th, 2019, there has been a distinct need for clarity on how this interdepartmental structure works and how it affects novel food applications
  • Outline the regulatory pathway that is currently available to cell-based meat developers

1:40 pm Challenges Faced By a Small Company When it Comes to Regulation


• How cell-based meat companies are working with regulatory agencies

2:00 pm Panel Discussion: Working with US Regulators to Outline a Clear Framework for Industry Regulation & Looking at Regulators Abroad

  • Yuki Hanyu Chief Executive Officer, Integriculture
  • Brian P. Sylvester Special Counsel, Foley & Lardner LLP.
  • Jeremiah Fasano Consumer Safety Officer, US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Eric Schulze VP of Product & Regulation, Memphis Meats
  • Matthew Michael Director, Issuances Staff, Office of Policy & Program Development, USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service


  • Take apart challenges that are currently being experienced by companies in the space
  • Discuss what is known about Asian & European regulators

Moderated by Eric Schulze of Memphis Meats 


3:00 pm Virtual Networking Break

3:30 pm The innovation landscape of cultivated meat industry in Asia


  • An overview of the cultivated meat research in Asia
  • The work and network of cultivated meat industry in India
  • Introducing ClearMeat: the first cultivated meat company from India

3:50 pm Taking an Open-Source Approach to Collaboration in Cultured Meat


  • Discuss the current challenges with regard to secrecy across the field and how this has had an impact on research and development
  • Hear how to form win-win relationships with academics to advance both side’s closer to their end goals

4:10 pm Investment in Cell-Based Meat: Where We Are and Where We are Headed


  • Where the bulk of the money has come from so far and where I anticipate it coming from in the future
  • How the macro-economy has facilitated fundraising to date and what a recession could mean for our industry
  • How founders can best position themselves to be as de-risked and attractive as possible to investors

4:30 pm Live Presenter Q&A

4:50 pm Panel Discussion: Advancing the Field Via Collaboration

  • Paul Shapiro Chief Executive Officer & Co founder, The Better Meat Co.
  • Lou Cooperhouse President & Chief Executive Officer, Blue Nalu
  • Brian Spears Founder & Chief Executive Officer, New Age Meats


  • Discuss the current feeling in the field about secrecy and how it could impact the advancement of this field
  • With concerns rising globally about the environment and increasing population, how can companies collaborate in the future to advance this important space?
  • Are there any areas that could be the primary focus for a cell-based meat consortium, similar to that of the Alliance for Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Innovation

5:10 pm Mastermind: The Name Game – Working out Accepted Terminology


The way we all talk about cell-based meat affects not just the way that we see it, but the way the potential market will perceive any cell cultured meat product.
The aim of this session is to analyze the current language being used throughout the field and assess whether it is both accurate and appropriate. Having uniform language that is recognized across the field is central to providing clarity both internally, but also externally

  • At your tables discuss the terminology on the worksheet, give your preferred term and an explanation as to why that word is preferable
  • The sheets will be collected after and sent out after the summit ends the responses will be collated and sent out

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Summit