ORF Genetics
Innovation Partner

ORF Genetics is a leading Icelandic biotech company that produces and sells a new generation of biorisk-free growth factors, a new product specifically designed for cell-cultured meat development. The company developed a unique method to produce the proteins in bioengineered barley plants, utilizing the seeds as a protein factory. This is a novel, cost-effective, very scalable and safe production technology. Today, ORF Genetics produces large portfolio of growth factors that are available for development of media for cell-cultured meat.




Biological Industries USA

Backed by over 35 years of experience, Biological Industries USA (BI-USA) offers scientific expertise in unparalleled custom media manufacturing, state-of-the-art cell culture solutions, and hands-on scientific and regulatory support. With our strong history of innovation and partnering, we are accelerating the evolution of cellular agriculture to create better food and a better world.