2020 Partners


ORF Genetics
Expertise Partner

ORF Genetics is a pioneer in plant biotechnology committed to developing innovative, economically viable and enabling solutions to produce recombinant proteins in a more efficient and safer manner.

ORF has developed the unique expression system which uses barley grain, grown in an eco-friendly greenhouse, as a vehicle for production of recombinant human and animal growth factors. This has resulted in an extensive portfolio for stem cell technology research, skincare, biopharma and the  cell cultured meat market.

Website: www.mesokine.com

Biological Industries
Exhibition Partner

Biological Industries is one of the world’s leading and trusted suppliers to the life sciences and biotech industries. We focus on optimized cell culture media, reagents and media services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the cellular agriculture industry. With over 30 years of experience in cell culture media development and manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to support you in development of clean meat and safety food.

Website: www.bioind.com