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CAS, the Cellular Agriculture Society, is an international nonprofit promoting the concept of "cellular agriculture", the process of producing real animal products from cells rather than entire animals.  CAS partners with cell-ag companies around the world and global affiliates like the UN and Harvard to catalyze a future nonincumbent upon intensive animal agriculture.



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FOOD SAFETY NEWS daily coverage means the industry checks in with us, first. The top execs with major food processors, the most influential USDA and FDA decision-makers, top researchers at universities and colleges, and key R&D and QA personnel start their day with a cup of coffee and Food Safety News. With the largest staff always on call, we’re on the story first. Go to for your free subscription now. Advertiser inquiries should email or call +1 913.205.3791.



CellAgri is a leading news and insights startup that provides the latest insights on a range of topics relating to cellular agriculture. We provide the news and analysis on the latest trends in all the main companies and players in this field. Ultimately, we aim to promote a dialogue about this emerging field as a future alternative to the present livestock agricultural system. Subscribe to the CellAgri newsletter at to get the latest news and insights about cellular agriculture.




Established in 2018, Protein Report is the first professional publication dedicated to the business, science, and culture of protein production, distribution, and consumption. Our mission is to catalyze humanity’s shift toward a more ethical, environmentally sustainable, and healthier protein economy. We achieve this by publishing content that informs industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, and public opinion.



Cell Based Tech covers the intersection of cellular biology and food through a business and investment lens. Their Weekly Report garners the direct attention of investors, food business executives, and researchers who are building the future of the food industry. Cell Based Tech is the top source for a comprehensive directory of tissue engineering companies producing lab grown meat and lab grown animal proteins.



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Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, clean meat, and food technology. The show is targeted towards entrepreneurs interested in the food technology space.