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Cellular Agriculture Society

The Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) is a 501c3 nonprofit based in San Francisco, United States that explains the concept of cellular agriculture through their award-winning website, CellAg.org, Harvard & Stanford-profiled publication, 90 Reasons to Consider Cellular Agriculture, the first textbook on cellular agriculture they developed in collaboration with Elsevier, and Project CMF, designs illustrating what a future cellular agriculture production facility could look like, unveiled at Google in 2019.

CAS exists as an international science communication hub for CellAg, simplifying complex information for the world to better understand the extensive bounds of cellular agriculture’s potential. 

Website: www.cellag.org



CellAgri is the leading news and insights startup providing the latest insights on a range of topics relating to cellular agriculture. We provide the news and analysis on the latest trends in all the main companies and players in this field. From the CellAgri eBook to Investment Reports, we ultimately aim to promote a dialogue about this emerging field as a future alternative to the present livestock agricultural system. Subscribe to the CellAgri newsletter at www.cell.ag to get the latest news and insights about cellular agriculture.

Website: www.cell.ag

New Protein Net

New Protein Net is a new online resource for food technologists worldwide tasked with the challenge of formulating foods and beverages using alternative sources of protein.  Find the right products for your new product development projects using our specially designed search functions.

To keep up-to-date with the latest alternative protein news get our free weekly newsletter which includes updates on products, services, webinars, training courses and conferences.

Website: www.newprotein.net

Protein Report

Protein Report is a publication and industry platform dedicated to advancing public understanding of protein – the business, science, and culture of how protein is produced, distributed, and consumed.

Website: www.proteinreport.org

The World of Food Ingredients

Website: https://www.nutritioninsight.com/Twofi.html

Nutrition Insight

Website: www.nutritioninsight.com
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Website: www.vevolution.com

Eatable Adventures

Eatable Adventures is one of the most relevant food-tech accelerators in Europe and Latam with more than 20 corporate programs launched, a deal flow of 1.400 global food-tech startups each year and operations in three continents.

Eatable Adventures detects, promotes and invests in the most disruptive startups that promise a relevant impact on the agri-food value chain, by developing and implementing successful collaboration models with leading companies in the food industry, generating innovation opportunities at high speed. The company has built a global network of partnerships with Incubators, accelerators, foodtech and agritech events, academia, investors and governments.

Website: www.eatableadventures.com

Big Idea Ventures

Big Idea Ventures (BIV) is solving the world's greatest challenges by supporting the world’s best entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers. Big Idea Ventures develops the most globally strategic funds delivering significant investor returns while addressing real-world challenges. BIV is focused on alternative protein with its New Protein Fund, innovations in the food industry to solve challenges in waste, water use, plastic use and CO2 with its Generation Food Fund and commercialization of university intellectual property with its Generation Food Rural Partners fund.

Website: www.bigideaventures.com

Cellular Agriculture Australia

Cellular Agriculture Australia is a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting and accelerating research, collaboration, and innovation across the cellular agriculture sector in Australia

Website: www.cellularagricultureaustralia.org


Food Techies Finland

An organization helping build more sustainable food systems through food innovation and entrepreneurship. We are especially focused on growing and unifying the foodtech ecosystem in the Tampere, Finland region, but work internationally as well.
One of the bigger projects we have coming up is Gastro Arena: a 360-degree food innovation platform that consists of a test & production kitchen, farm2fork restaurant, and farm2fork store. It provides all the services needed for food innovation and product development across the food chain from beginning to end.

Website: foodtechies.wixsite.com


Antenna Group

Website: www.antenna-group.com

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Educated Choices Program

WhatIsCultivatedMeat.com is an initiative of the Educated Choices Program, a nonprofit organization that provides educational programming on food systems to classrooms and communities worldwide. This comprehensive, evidence-based resource explores the science of cellular agriculture and cultivated meat, answering the most frequently asked questions by teachers, students, and the public.

Website: www.WhatIsCultivatedMeat.com