February 2020

San Francisco, CA

2019 Event Guide


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  • Experts from JUST, Memphis Meats and Mission Barns are examining the issues preventing products coming to market promptly and inexpensively to help drive products to the shelves
  • Kristopher Gasteratos and Paul Shapiro are addressing consumer’s concerns to ensure maximum acceptance and, ultimately, sales of cell-based meat products
  • You can streamline your route to regulatory approved products by listening to insights from FDA and USDA experts Brian Sylvester and Larisa Rudenko on current regulatory landscapes and
  • Mark Post of Mosa Meat is improving the taste of cell-based meat, using ground-breaking fat culturing methods to achieve the taste of traditional meat
  • Brian Spears of New Age Meats is examining automation techniques to highlight alternative means to achieve commercialization of cultured meat