February 2020

San Francisco, CA

Day One
Wednesday 6th February, 2019

Day Two
Thursday 7th February, 2019

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Cellular Aquaculture

The Latest Developments in Cellular Aquaculture


  • Providing an overview of the category of cellular aquaculture, why this will be a transformative and disruptive industry in the decades ahead, and the technical, marketing, and regulatory challenges that will be associated with its ultimate success

Methods to Make Cell-Based Fish Products


  • Exploring the issues related to making cell-based fish products
  • Discovering available technologies and methods to produce cell-based fish

Q&A session

Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Consumer Acceptance of Cell-Based Meat

Discover: Exploring What the Cell-Based Meat Industry Can Learn From Cultured Diamonds


  • For millennia, the only way to obtain diamonds was from nature
  • In recent years, human rights and environmental concerns about diamond mining became prominent
  • Now, scientists can grow diamonds in a lab, setting up a fight over consumer perception and a legal battle over what are “diamonds”
  • Paul Shapiro will explore this fight and what the rise of cultured diamonds means for the nascent cultured meat industry

Discover: Addressing Global Consumer Acceptance


  • Exploring the key consumer considerations such as nomenclature, design, regulation, politics, religion and tradition

Debate: What Is the Key to Truly Improving Consumer Acceptance & Eventual Uptake of Cell-Based Meat?

Action: What Will You Now Do to Make Your Products More Desirable To Consumers?

Examining Markets Outside of the United States

Evaluating What is Expected for Cellular Agriculture in Other Parts of the World


  • Considerations of local culinary culture
  • Public perception and acceptance of ‘high-tech food’
  • Government interests in food security and food self-sufficiency rate
  • Food culture changing in pace with economic development with a focus on South East Asia

Lunch & Networking

Regulation of Cell-Based Meat

Panel Discussion: The Path to Allowing Cell-Based Meat to Come to Market Quickly Whilst Ensuring Safety & Consumer Confidence

  • Brian Sylvester FDA/USDA Practise , Wiley Rein LLP
  • Larisa Rudenko PhD DABT Visiting Scholar, Program of Emerging Technologies , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Nicole Rawling Director of International Engagement , The Good Food Institute
  • Eric Schulze Vice President of Product and Regulation, Memphis Meats


With recent partnerships between traditional and cell-based meat suppliers, the regulatory pathway for cell-based meats is becoming clearer. Consensus throughout the whole industry is required to cement these developments. This session will focus on recent regulatory developments and aims to tackle the issues still holding back regulation.

Critical questions & themes:

  • Jurisdiction – Who will regulate cell-based meat in the U.S.? Recently, Memphis Meats and the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) sent a letter to the White House proposing joint USDA-FDA oversight. How might this work in practice and is this the best regulatory pathway?
  • Safety Considerations – FDA held a meeting on July 12, 2018 to better understand cell-based meat production and the relevant safety considerations. On September 10, 2018, USDA and FDA announced a joint meeting this October to drill down on this topic further.
  • Labeling – The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, the state of Missouri and others have challenged the use of the term “meat” for anything other than tissue obtained from a slaughtered food-producing animal. How will cell-based meat producers be able to overcome such challenges and what are workable labeling and marketing terms for meat produced by way of cellular agriculture?

Afternoon Refreshments

Assessing the Current Patent Landscape of Cell-Based Meat


  • Exploring the current patent landscape for cell-based meat and the technologies cell-based meats are developing at present to achieve commercialization of cellbased meat products.

Exploring the Basis for a Common Mission to Feed an Increasingly Hungry World

  • Eric Schulze Vice President of Product and Regulation, Memphis Meats


  • Providing innovative products that do not require consumers to have to stop eating the foods they love and know
  • A snapshot into industry-wide developments and significant moments that are affecting all stakeholders
  • Exploring where the industry should go from here

Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 2