February 5-7, 2019

San Francisco, CA

Seize the opportunity to accelerate the commercialization of transformative cell-base meat products & revolutionize the traditional meat industry

At a time when our environmental footprint is at its largest and demand for animal-based products is growing rapidly, ensuring sustainability and reducing our impact on a global scale is paramount.

The Industrializing Cell-Based Meat Summit will bring together industry leaders to share the latest scientific progress in the field and address the current challenges cell-based meat researchers are facing.

Join experts in the development of cell-based meat to:

  • Define and future-proof your strategy to ensure scalability and affordability of clean and cultured cell & plant-based meat
  • Rival any traditional products in the market place and provide consumers with better alternatives and more choice
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the current cell-based meat landscape
  • Understand where key industry stakeholders are directing their next steps for cell-based meat production.

Download the full event guide here to view the complete agenda and companies speaking.

"Just a few years ago, there wasn't a single company founded to commercialize clean meat.

Today, there are two dozen.

Having conferences like this to facilitate discussions about how best to bring cellular agriculture products to market is essential to help this new field meet the great promise it offers to solve pressing global issues."

Paul Shapiro, author of the Washington Post bestseller ‘Clean Meat’.

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